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Downtown Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan

Map of the DDA District

 Downtown New Baltimore Building Facade Grant Program 
(Not available for 2015)


2016 DDA Meeting Dates
Council Chambers
7:00 PM

January 13, 2016
February 10, 2016
March 02, 2016 (Moved due to conflict with BOR)
April 13, 2016
May 11, 2016
June 08, 2016
July 13, 2016
August 10, 2016
September 14, 2016
October 05, 2016 (Moved due to conflict with City Council)
November 09, 2016
December 14, 2016

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Downtown Development Authority

The mission of the City of New Baltimore Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is to create and implement development plans, provide physical improvements to the District, promote economic growth and to correct and prevent deterioration in the DDA District thereby establishing a downtown that is healthy, viable and economically sound for the future.                                



DDA Board Members

John Dupray, Mayor

Michael Wojciechowski, Chairperson
Joe Drompp
Dorothy Stabile
Mark Lietke, Vice-Chair
Robert Higgins
Dr. Arthur Niederkohr
Frank Krause
Mark Miller, Treasurer
Janice Hanway, Secretary
Kathy Cox

Susan Burkhardt, Council Liaison
Florence Hayman, Council Liaison

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