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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are my U.S. Senators?

Gary Peters
Detroit Office:  (313) 226-6020
Washington Office:  (202) 224-6221


Debbie Stabenow
Detroit Office: (313) 961-4330
Washington Office: (202) 224-4822
Website:  www.stabenow.senate.gov


Who is my Representative in Congress?  10th District

Candice Miller
Website:  www.candicemiller.house.gov
Shelby Twp. Office: (586) 997-5010


Who is my State Senator?  25th District

Phil Pavlov, (517) 373-7708
905 Farnum Building
Lansing, MI  48909


Who is my State Representative?  32nd District

Andrea LaFontaine, (517) 373-8931
Email:  AndreaLaFontaine@house.mi.gov   


Who is the Macomb County Executive?
Mark Hackel, (586) 469-7001
Email:  Executive@MacombGov.org


Who is my County Commissioner?  District 8
Kathy Vosburg, (586) 469-5125
Website:  www.macombBOC.com



Can I pay my taxes and/or water bill with a credit/debit card?
Yes, click on this link.

Where do I pay my taxes?
At City Hall located at 36535 Green Street. One block east of Walgreen's.

What day is trash pick up?
Wednesday as of February 1st, 2006. Waste Management starts pickup around 7:00 AM. Please put your trash out the night before or by 7:00 AM.

When do they pick up yard waste?

Yard waste pickup runs the first Wednesday in April through the last Wednesday in November. 


Who do I call if my trash is not picked up?
Waste Management, they can be reached at 1-800-796-9696.

Is trash pick-up delayed due to holidays?
Sometimes, please check the holiday trash pick-up schedule shown on this flyer.

Do I need a permit to put in a swimming pool, deck, or patio?
Yes, please contact the Building department at (586)725-2151 Ext. 105.

How do I contact City Council members?
Council members receive mail at City of New Baltimore, Attn: (Council person name), 36535 Green St, New Baltimore, MI, 48047. For email and phone information view the Council-Members page on this site.

What public utilities companies service the City of New Baltimore?
DTE Energy (Electricity) - 1-800-477-4747
Semco (Natural Gas) - 1-800-624-2019
Comcast (Cable) - 1-888-266-2278
AT&T Uverse (Cable) - 1-800-288-2000 www.ATT.com

How do I dispose of old or unused paint?
Remove the cover and put kitty litter or sand into the unused paint to absorb it. Throw the lids into the regular garbage.
Put the cans out with the garbage so that Waste Management can see that the paint is absorbed.

Will Waste Management take leaves, branches, grass clippings, etc.?
Yard waste is picked April through November.  Leaves must be put in brown leaf bags (no plastic) and set out with garbage. Branches must be cut into sections no longer than 4 feet and tied in bundles.

What do I do with used oil?
It may be disposed of at the DPS yard (35389 Cricklewood). However, you must come into the office and sign in first. Please do not leave it by the gates. We are open between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM. Please try to arrive by 3:15 PM.

What do I do with old chemicals?
Call the Macomb County Health Department at (586)469-5235, for disposal of hazardous waste and chemicals. 

Where do I get a dog license?
Licensing for dogs is handled by the Macomb County Animal Shelter/Control. You may visit their web site at by clicking the following link:

This page last updated on 6/14/2016.
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