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As of March 1st all delinquent tax payments must be made to the Macomb County Treasurer.  They are located at 1 S. Main St., 2nd Floor, Mount Clemens, MI, 48043. 

County Treasurer:

Delinquent tax amounts are available at Macomb County's website:


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 Direct Line: (586)716-7604
 Main Office:(586)725-2151
 Fax: (586)725-6927
 Mailing Address: 36535 Green
 New Baltimore, MI, 48047

 Email: jbade@cityofnewbaltimore.org


Property Taxes - Billing and Collections Information

General Tax Information - In order to ensure accurate billing, it is imperative that any change in your information be communicated to the city. Examples of that change include:

  • Mortgage Company - call Treasurer at (586) 716-7604
  • Transfer of Ownership - call Assessing at (586) 725-2151 Ext: 106
  • Principal Residence Information - call Assessing at (586) 725-2151 Ext: 106

If you pay your property taxes through an escrow account you will receive a copy for your records.  On the tax statment it will list the mortage code and company if you pay your taxes through an escrow.  If you are paying escrow and there is not a mortage code/company listed on your tax statement, please contact me so we may resolve the matter.

Tax Bills - At the present time, all properties located in the city of New Baltimore receive two tax bills per year.

  1. A summer tax bill from the City Treasurer's Office is available July 1st and payable July 1st through the first business day in September without penalty.
  2. A winter tax bill from the City Treasurer's Office is available December 1st and payable December 1st through February 15th without penalty.

Payment Options - If you pay your own taxes (rather than an escrow agent), a return addressed envelope is provided with your city property tax bill. Please utilize this return envelope when paying your current year city property taxes to ensure accurate and expedient delivery.

In order to ensure proper credit, please include your Parcel I.D. number on your check made payable to "Treasurer, City of New Baltimore."

  • A payment drop box is available for use at City Hall. The drop box is secured and can be used to make any payment to the city. It is are located in the parking lot of City Hall located at 36535 Green St. NO CASH PLEASE.
  • We accept cash, checks or money orders. You may pay electronically through Official Payments using a credit/debt card or electronic check.  Official Payments charges fee.  A fee calculator is available proior to processing the payment. This fee is not collected by the city. All payments except cash are considered conditional until cleared.  Any returned checks or electronic payments will be assessed a $20.00 fee.
  • The payment of a city tax bill after February 28 (or a tax bill from a prior year) must be made at the Macomb County Building located at: 1  South Main Mount Clemens, MI 48043 (586) 469-5190

  ** Reminder **

All prior year taxes have been turned over to the Macomb County Treasurers' office as delinquent. All payments must be made to the Macomb County Treasurers' office at  1 S. Main
Street, 2nd Floor, Mt Clemens, MI, 48043. 
Phone: (586)469-5190 for more information. 

This page last updated on 3/22/2016.
36535 Green St. | New Baltimore, MI 48047 | Phone: (586) 725-2151 | Fax: (586) 725-6927 | Email