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Billing Information/FAQ

With tough economic times, we are sensitive to the fact you are trying to manage your budget. Remember you can always prepay your water bill ahead of the scheduled billing date.

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Water Department

Paying Online

You now have the ability to pay your utility bill online!

Drop Box

A payment drop box is available for use at City Hall. The drop box is secured and can be used to make any payment to the city. It is are located in the parking lot of City Hall located at 36535 Green Street. Do not place cash in the drop box.

Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangements must be made before the due date on our utility bill. You can contact the Billing Department as soon as you know you cannot pay your entire bill. Once a shut off notice is received, payment arrangements and extensions cannot be made and the balance on the utility bill must be made in full by the due date to avoid service disruption. 

Final Water Bill

To request a final utility bill, contact Billing at 586-716-7631 to schedule a final meter read. This process can take up to 3 days, so please allow adequate time for your request.
You can also submit your final utility request online: 

Final Utility Bill Request Form

Estimated Utility Bills/Meter Service Appointments 
If you received a bill that has been estimated, your water meter did not give off a proper reading and needs to be serviced. To have your meter serviced, contact the Water Department, not billing, at 586-725-7300 to schedule an appointment.
Someone needs to be at the residence in order for the Water Department to service the meter.
Utility Appointment Request

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