Account Update Information

Utility Account Updates:

If you need to make a simple name change (marriage, etc.) or mailing address change (temporary travel, etc.), you can contact either the Assessing Office or the Utility Billing Office with the changes and the changes will get made in both departments.

Assessing: 586-725-2151 ext. 114 or email Heather
Utility Billing: 586-725-2151 ext. 111 or email Angela

New Resident (Property Owner)

If you just purchased a property, or are doing a change of ownership, please contact the Assessing Department 586-725-2151 ext. 114, or by email. You will need to file your closing documents and Property Transfer paperwork.

Submittal by Mail:
Attn: Assessing Department
36535 Green St.
New Baltimore, MI 48047

Submittal by Email:
Heather @

New Renter

If you are a new renter at a property and just need the utility account changed to your name and contact information, you can submit this form to Angela in Utility Billing. 

Submittal by Mail:
Attn: Angela, Utility Billing
36535 Green St.
New Baltimore, MI 48047

Submittal by Email:
Angela @

  1. Chris Hiltunen


  2. Angela Dietz

    Accounts Payable/Utility Billing
    Phone: 586-725-2151, ext. 111

  3. Water Department

    Physical Address
    36280 Front St.
    New Baltimore, MI 48047