Billing Cycle Information

  1. Quarterly Billing Schedule

Route 1 

10 digit account number beginning with '1'

March Bill

Billing Period: December, January, February
Due: April

June Bill 
Billing Period: March, April, May
Due: July

September Bill
Billing Period: June, July, August
Due: October

December Bill
Billing Period: September, October, November, 
Due: January

Route 2

10 digit account number beginning with '2'

January Bill

Billing Period: October, November, December
Due: February

April Bill
Billing Period: January, February, March
Due: May

July Bill
Billing Period: April, May, June
Due: August

October Bill
Billing Period: July, August, September
Due: November

Route 3 

10 digit account number beginning with '3'

February Bill

Billing Period: November, December, January
Due: March

May Bill
Billing Period: February, March, April
Due: June

August Bill
Billing Period: May, June, July
Due: September

November Bill

Billing Period: August, September, October
Due: December