Water Meters

Estimated Bill:

If you receive an estimated utility bill, your meter is not giving off proper readings and needs to be serviced as soon as possible. Please contact the Water Department to schedule an appointment at 586-725-7300. You have received an estimated bill if:

  • There is an 'E' next to your reading number on your bill.
  • Your bill has a sticker on it stating the bill is estimated with the Water Department contact number.
  • You received a letter in the mail stating your bill is estimated. 

High Bill:

If you think your utility bill is unusually high, please contact the Water Department at 586-725-7300. If they need to come out and do a leak check or any other investigation, they will schedule an appointment with you. There is no additional charge for this appointment.

Sprinkler Meter:

You have the option to get an additional outside meter. This meter is used for any outside watering and is not charged sewer. 

You can contact the Building Department at 586-725-2151 ext. 105 for additional information. Here is the sprinkler meter application and hook up guide. 

Water Meter:

Your water meter is located in your basement or crawl space. If you have any questions about your water meter hook up, getting a meter change, or your actual water usage, please feel free to contact the Water Department at 586-725-7300.


  1. Chris Hiltunen


  2. Angela Dietz

    Accounts Payable/Utility Billing
    Phone: 586-725-2151, ext. 111

  3. Water Department

    Physical Address
    36280 Front St.
    New Baltimore, MI 48047