Billing/Rate Information


Water Commodity Rate (per thousand gallons): $4.28
Water Readiness to Serve (flat quarterly charge): $11.25


Sewer Commodity Rate (per thousand gallons): $6.34
Sewer Readiness to Serve (flat quarterly charge): $8.34
Debt Service Fee (flat quarterly charge): $67.38 


Water Commodity Rate (per thousand gallons): $4.79
Water Readiness to Serve (flat quarterly charge): $2.81 

Rubbish (Priority Waste):

Refuse Collection, Recycling, Compost (flat quarterly charge): $59.25

Meter Replacement Charges:

3/4 inch meter (flat quarterly charge): $3.13
1 inch meter (flat quarterly charge): $4.03
1 1/2 inch meter (flat quarterly charge): $6.19
2 inch meter (flat quarterly charge): $7.69
3 inch meter (flat quarterly charge): $24.46
4 inch meter (flat quarterly charge): $33.69 

Commodity Rate Charges:

The amount of water used. Sewer charges are based on water usage. Commodity charges covers the cost of treating the water (chemicals, electricity, wages), and total plant operations divided by gallons sold. 

Debt Service Fee:

This fee is to cover the state revolving fund loan payments each year for the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Meter Replacement Charges:

The replacement cost of the meter in 20 years (the approximate expected lifespan of the meter). it is the cost of the household or large commercial meter divided by the 20 year lifespan of the meter.

Readiness to Serve Charges:

The amount needed to cover the cost of delivering water, maintaining the system, meter reading, meter installation, water mains, fire hydrant repairs, etc. 

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